‘Getting people and business together’

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We offer custom made support in communication between commercial enterprises, NGO’s and authorities in Europe.

Our services include:

Finding the right contacts and partners in Europe
The internal borders in the EC may officially have vanished, this does not mean that you will not be confronted with any barrier in your search through Europe. You will be confronted with differences in habits, regulations and languages throughout different regions and countries. A challenging variety that forms the cultural richness of Europe, but that may also complicate communication.
We can assist you in finding the right contacts or partner for a business venture, a European project or an international cultural event.
Our own network counts of contacts in wide range of fields such as media, journalism, sustainable chemical industry, construction and conservation, (local) authorities, active tourism and NGO’s with which we had some form of co-operation.
We can scan for partners and set up new relations in direct personal contact using references, historical feedback and knowledge of the local language and culture, and social-economical situation.

Export assistance
A smooth export process demands quality and clearness: in products, delivery, after sales service and payment policy. A good relation with an importer, distributor or agent is instrumental in this process. This means that ability to speak the language, cultural awareness, and knowledge of the local situation is required.
We can scan this local situation and find you potential partners, consult you on legal angles of different types of alliances, design draft contracts, negotiate with partners, represent you on demand and follow the developments on a longer term.
Building up a good export relation takes time, but do not forget that maintaining the relation also will take time and energy.
We are mainly active in the business- to business sector Europe, with Spain as our speciality.

Organisation of conferences and business meetings
Commundial has a vast experience in organising (international) conferences and business meetings.
Although we take care of accommodation, travel, secretariat and logistics, we like to be involved from the very beginning. Together with you we can asses the cost/benefit, the feasibility, the impact and finally the type and form of the event.
In the past this has led from expanding the initiative from a local meeting to an international conference, but also to the reverse.
We can supply translation and interpretation services and facilities.
We can help you to design and prepare your introductions and make supporting audio-visual presentations, and organise try-outs and “dress rehearsals”.

Project management
Our working method always involves close co-operation with our contractors, rather than isolated consultation.
By contract we can assume the responsibility of short and mid-term projects, including all aspects such as management, finance temporary employment and representation.
This will take a load off the shoulders of an organisation and its management. They will only be bothered with the execution of the work during mutually, planned evaluation sessions.
Our offer usually consists of a project plan built up of several steps with a budget attached for each step.

Training and support PR and media relations
In-service training on PR and media relations is one of the oldest activities of Commundial.
We can offer you custom made training for management and employees involved with PR.
Together with you we can develop communication plans and strategies, and make “contingency plans” for publicity.
We can organise course and trainings in direct contact with professional journalists and members of your target group.

Commundial is based in Utrecht in The Netherlands.

You can contact us in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Tel.: +31 (0)30 2319485